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To resonate in harmony, by expressing the feeling that is bottled within, we reach to show and share what we believe in

We think that behind every great idea there is a certain feeling and vision that needs to be captured. No audiovisual (or any media in that sense) must be made without that feeling, nor without nourishing this vision.

It's Your Idea, Your Personality

Working together with you we will realize or emphasise your idea along your needs and values. We are here for you to transform your needs and values into your story. This can result in a documentary, a short film or any combination of things. We are experienced in exploring new areas in both art and media technologies to make this happen.

The Beauty of Art With a Science Focus

Do you want your science thesis or project to be told? At Chaos Productions we value artistic exploration and try to bridge the gap between humanities and sciences. By mainly focusing on documentary style, we want to capture life at its most truthful form. We emphasize the importance of research and take pre-production as one of the key elements for a successful project.


Find and actualize what part of imagination can be made into reality, may we be amazed by the possibilities

Wouldn’t it be amazing to see a world where each individual is motivated and supported into self actualization? That we can all walk the paths we believe in and grow in this?

Far Far Away We See a Goal

We believe that merging arts, entertainment and sciences are crucial parts of the meaning of life. To explore ways for each individual to self actualize and find resonance with others. Let's build a world where we all have the base to do so.

We exist to love and be loved

What Does This Have to Do With Film?

Film and documentary are important to initiate and communicate change. Both documentary and film also help to preserve and share knowledge and experiences. The beautiful medium of film can even communicate emotion.


The best value is written or made from the heart but structured by the brain

How we approach a project differs per type/context, and of course depends on the time frame and the size of the project. Given a normal timeframe we generally honor the following work as described below. Don’t be afraid to propose a workflow that may suit your internal workflow best!

Pre Phase The Soul and Personality

In the first meeting we like to establish context and your view and feel regarding the final result. We gather the requirements for the release platform(s). In this phase we also determine the potential size of the project.

Preferably we like to visit your company and/or respective situation that is core to your project's message to have a real idea and feel of the atmosphere. We validate our thoughts and concept decisions with you. Meanwhile we plan the project.

Conceptualization Phase Expression Form and Plan

Once most is narrowed down to a feasible collection of options we start to go in-depth. In this phase we will work out the story and a style impression. We also explore what is possible, and fine tune the projects planning along the way.

Now it all becomes a matter of filling the empty gaps and narrowing it all down to a single style. It's time for the leading storyboard, and to arrange/plan the necessary resources. Finally the realization phase is scheduled.

Regarding release mediums we collect and confirm requirements as needed, Whenever needed in this phase we may also plan case studies for the more experimental requirements.

Realization Phase Lets Run Now

In this phase we do the real filming and other needed content creation. To prevent any chaos during this phase we prefer to stick to the planning. If a project is relatively large we may split it up into a more iterative approach.

Post Phase A Little Polishing Where Needed

This is when we have all the materials to put together the final product. We fine tune and polish it to give it its final touch and feel. If foley sounds, Voice overs and music will belong to the post or realization is determined in the concoitization phase.